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  1. 1
    MERLIN with dragon 32.5 cm
    SKU: fat1248
    Merlin the Magician standing with a big black dragon behind him
  2. 2
    LARA fairy with dragon and torch 32.5 cm
    SKU: fat1247
    Beautiful fairy standing with torch and black dragon behind
  3. 3
    Fairy IDA boat seat cm 20.5
    SKU: fat1207
    Adorable Fairy lying on a leaf boat
  4. 4
    Fairy ICE kneeling with wolf cm 37
    SKU: fat1201
    Adorable Fairy with a white wolf at her side and in the head a wolf skin
  5. 5
    Dance whit Death  24 cm
    SKU: fat1199
    Beautiful Fairy with the death behind
  6. 6
    Lorely Fairy with soap bubble 24.8 cm
    SKU: fat1190
    Sweet fairy kneeling on the trunk with a soap bubble to the mouth
  7. 7
    Belfie Fairy sitting with flowers cm 37
    SKU: fat1152
    Beautiful fairy dressed in flowers with colorful wings
  8. 8
    Teira Fairy sitting cm 16
    SKU: fat1139
    Tender fairy brown seat
  9. 9
    Fairy with stick and sphere crystal 33x23x69 cm
    SKU: fat1114
    Spectacular Fairy standing with stick, dragon, and Crystal Ball
  10. 10
    Fairy on the trunk 25.6 cm Tayla
    SKU: fat1107
    Tender Fairy kneeling on a tree trunk with mushrooms and snails
  11. 11
    SHANA Fairy sleeping in flower 36.5 cm
    SKU: fat1100
    Sweet Fairy sleeping in a flower
  12. 12
    Fairy standing with dragon, Xeena 56 cm
    SKU: fat1098
    Spectacular Fairy standing with dragon on the back and wings with Dragon Eye