1. 1
    Burning incense with tree man 33 cm
    SKU: spi043
    Useful and beautiful incense door with a tree man's head
  2. 2
    I do not see I do not hear I do not speak with a tree man 27 cm
    SKU: spi042
    Beautiful composition of three vertical tree man heads
  3. 3
    Lamp with death 66 cm
    SKU: gth032
    Spectacular death standing with ball lamp in hand 220V.
  4. 4
    Table clock with death 27 cm
    SKU: gth031
    Beautiful table clock with a pendulum depicting a skeleton and LED light effects
  5. 5
    Candle holder with book and death 28,5 cm
    SKU: gth028
    Useful and beautiful lighted door with death standing and leaning on an open book
  6. 6
    Fountain with silvered dragon 33 cm
    SKU: dra278
    Spectacular fountain with an immersion pump depicting a castle with a wounded dragon
  7. 7
    Lamp with dragon 31,5 cm
    SKU: dra277
    Beautiful and useful table lamp with crouching dragon, powered at 220V.
  8. 8
    Hourglass with dragons 20 cm
    SKU: dra276
    Beautiful and useful hourglass with two dragons on the columns
  9. 9
    Wolf head 47 cm
    SKU: anl060
    Spectacular head of Lupo to stand upright
  10. 10
    Royal Eagle 37 cm
    SKU: anl059
    Spectacular royal eagle in flight
  11. 11
    White unicorn lying right 28 cm
    SKU: anl058
    Gorgeous white unicorn lying to the right
  12. 12
    Feeder of the forest 35 cm
    SKU: spi041
    Cute bird feeder for birds, the spirit of the forest