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  1. 1
    Lamp with death 45 cm
    SKU: gth034
    Spectacular death standing with ball lamp in hand 220V.
  2. 2
    Clock with death and skeleton cm 27
    SKU: gth031
    Beautiful clock with death and skeleton as a pendulum
  3. 3
    Lamp with sphere and dragon 32 cm
    SKU: dra298
    Beautiful table lamp with perforated sphere and dragon on top
  4. 4
    Fountain with castle and dragon 34 cm
    SKU: dra279
    Beautiful working fountain, with dragon wrapped around a castle
  5. 5
    Lamp with dragon 31 cm
    SKU: dra277
    Useful and beautiful table lamp with glass sphere
  6. 6
    Emerald Venom mm 110x68x20 chain cm 38
    SKU: bjt002
    A giant pewter spider necklace set with green and black Swarovski crystals.
  7. 7
    Lamp with death 66 cm
    SKU: gth032
    Spectacular death standing with ball lamp in hand 220V.
  8. 8
    Pair of Wolves cm 27x16x16
    SKU: anl003
    Beautiful scene with mom Wolf and son
  9. 9
    Fairy Magic Mama sitting 36 cm
    SKU: fat0720
    Spectacular Fairy Magic Mama sitting with ladybug and lotus flowers
  10. 10
    Fairy standing with Tiger 32 cm
    SKU: fat0706
    Spectacular fairy standing with baby in her arms, and at the foot of the snow tiger
  11. 11
    Dragon crouched with eggs 21 cm
    SKU: dra005
    Tender yellow dragon crouched with eggs that are opening up
  12. 12
    piggybank owl with small 17 cm
    SKU: guf005
    Cute owl with baby in her arms with piggy bank function with lower closable opening