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  1. 1
    Pixies couple musicians 15x5x10 cm
    SKU: pix695
    Nice Pixies couple with accordion and score
  2. 2
    Pixies NS, NH, NS under a mushroom 10x8.5x6 cm
    SKU: pix694
    Pixies trio I do not see I do not speak I do not hear, played under a mushroom
  3. 3
    Pixies couple with heart balloons 8,5x4,4x14 cm
    SKU: pix693
    Sweet couple of Pixies hugging each other, with a big heart in their hands and a row of balloons at the top
  4. 4
    Pixies resting on book 11x6x7 cm
    SKU: pix692
    Adorable sleeping pixies leaning against a book
  5. 5
    Pixies standing under mushroom 5.5x5.5x12 cm
    SKU: pix691
    Tender Pixies with a mushroom as an umbrella
  6. 6
    Pixies couple on hammock 11x7x3.5 cm
    SKU: pix634
    Nice Pixies couple lying on a hammock, to hang
  7. 7
    Pixies riding a snail 22x15x22 cm
    SKU: pix375
    Pixies sitting astride a snail
  8. 8
    Row of four hanging Pixies 100 cm
    SKU: pix053
    Row of four pixies hanging on a climbing line