Classic Pixies

  1. 1
    Pixies with turtles 16 cm
    SKU: pix009
    Pixies sitting on a turtle with a turtle in his hand and one to the side
  2. 2
    Large Pixies with a baby in arm cm 23x66
    SKU: pix690
    Adorable Pixies girl with baby in her arms
  3. 3
    Pixies on moon, 22 cm
    SKU: pix005
    Pixies sitting on the moon to hang, which plays the trumpet
  4. 4
    Pixies book piggy bank sitting on 15.5 cm
    SKU: pix636
    Pixies sitting down in a book with a piggy bank
  5. 5
    I do not see I do not speak I do not feel 14 cm
    SKU: pix158
    Curious little scene with Pixies do not see, do not speak, sitting next
  6. 6
    Two Pixies light holder cm 8,5x7,5x10,5
    SKU: pix631
    Two cute sitting Pixies, with his arm in a nest light holder
  7. 7
    Incense burners with Pixies cm 30,5x7x7,5
    SKU: pix623
    Useful and fun incense burner and light holder with Pixies eating apples
  8. 8
    Boule de neige with Pixies 8x10 cm
    SKU: pix266
    Beautiful Boule de neige with Pixie feet and the base
  9. 9
    Pixies bottle standing cm 16,5x12x21
    SKU: pix610
    Pixies standing beside a barrel as a container bottle
  10. 10
    House Pixies 29x29x35 cm
    SKU: pix570
    Pixies beautiful house with the word Welcome
  11. 11
    Pixies door phone 13 cm
    SKU: pix034
    Useful brings phone with Pixies hugging him
  12. 12
    Burning incense with Pixies couple, cm 29,5x8x13,2
    SKU: pix066
    Available again the classic pair of Pixies incense burners
  13. 13
    Pixies reading cm 8x7,5x11,5
    SKU: pix488
    Beautiful Pixies reading sitting on a chestnut hedgehog
  14. 14
    Pixies cook napkin holder cm 13
    SKU: pix229
    Adorable Pixies embraced two hearts with napkin holders or recipes sheets
  15. 15
    married couple 6 cm
    SKU: pix182
    Friendly Pixies couple dressed as newlyweds
  16. 16
    I do not see I do not speak I do not feel 15 cm
    SKU: pix157
    Curious little scene with Pixies do not see, do not speak, do not feel one another in vertical
  17. 17
    Pixies holder toilet brush 34 cm
    SKU: pix085
    Beautiful holder toilet brush with Pixies holding the jar with a face of disgust
  18. 18
    Pixies couple in love 17 cm
    SKU: pix079
    Pixies pair of lovers on a ladybug
  19. 19
    Pixies ashtray 12 cm
    SKU: pix031
    Pixies with nut shell to use ashtrays
  20. 20
    Pixies sitting 13 cm
    SKU: pix003
    Pixies sitting reading a very nice book and curious