Classic Pixies

  1. 1
    Pixies Welcome wall 28 cm
    SKU: pix059
    Beautiful plaque to hang with Pixies Welcome
  2. 2
    Pixies book piggy bank sitting on 15.5 cm
    SKU: pix636
    Pixies sitting down in a book with a piggy bank
  3. 3
    Six Pixies music band 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix635
    Series of six Pixies musicians with different instruments
  4. 4
    I do not see I do not speak I do not feel 14 cm
    SKU: pix158
    Curious little scene with Pixies do not see, do not speak, sitting next
  5. 5
    Two Pixies light holder cm 8,5x7,5x10,5
    SKU: pix631
    Two cute sitting Pixies, with his arm in a nest light holder
  6. 6
    Incense burners with Pixies cm 30,5x7x7,5
    SKU: pix623
    Useful and fun incense burner and light holder with Pixies eating apples
  7. 7
    Pixies piggy bank with mushroom cm 11,5x12,5x18
    SKU: pix622
    Nice and useful piggy bank with upside-down mushroom and embraced Pixies
  8. 8
    Pixies with three turtles 14x12x16 cm
    SKU: pix009
    Pixies sitting on a turtle with baby turtle in hand and a turtle other side
  9. 9
    Pixies to hang lying left 19x10x4 cm
    SKU: pix615
    Available again, the Pixies to hang lying with his hands forward
  10. 10
    Pixies to hang lying right 19x10x4 cm
    SKU: pix614
    Available again, the Pixies to hang lying with his hands forward
  11. 11
    Boule de neige with Pixies 8x10 cm
    SKU: pix266
    Beautiful Boule de neige with Pixie feet and the base
  12. 12
    Pixies bottle sitting cm 18,5x15,5x24
    SKU: pix611
    Pixies sitting on a barrel with bottle bunch of grapes in hand
  13. 13
    Pixies bottle standing cm 16,5x12x21
    SKU: pix610
    Pixies standing beside a barrel as a container bottle
  14. 14
    House Pixies 29x29x35 cm
    SKU: pix570
    Pixies beautiful house with the word Welcome
  15. 15
    Pixies door phone 13 cm
    SKU: pix034
    Useful brings phone with Pixies hugging him
  16. 16
    Burning incense with Pixies couple, cm 29,5x8x13,2
    SKU: pix066
    Available again the classic pair of Pixies incense burners
  17. 17
    Pixies reading cm 8x7,5x11,5
    SKU: pix488
    Beautiful Pixies reading sitting on a chestnut hedgehog
  18. 18
    Pixies couple standing 30 cm
    SKU: pix382
    Pixies adorable couple, standing back to back
  19. 19
    Pixies couple on the bench 30 cm
    SKU: pix381
    Pixies couple with a cat in her arms
  20. 20
    Pixies cook napkin holder cm 13
    SKU: pix229
    Adorable Pixies embraced two hearts with napkin holders or recipes sheets
  21. 21
    married couple 6 cm
    SKU: pix182
    Friendly Pixies couple dressed as newlyweds
  22. 22
    Welcome stone 27 cm
    SKU: pix175
    Beautiful scene with a stone with written Welcome and Pixies couple on the side
  23. 23
    I do not see I do not speak I do not feel 15 cm
    SKU: pix157
    Curious little scene with Pixies do not see, do not speak, do not feel one another in vertical
  24. 24
    Pixies Toilet paper holder and toilet brush cm 53
    SKU: pix084
    Original and functional toilet paper holder and toothbrush with cute Pixies who holds her nose
  25. 25
    Pixies couple in love 17 cm
    SKU: pix079
    Pixies pair of lovers on a ladybug
  26. 26
    Porta lumino fungus and Pixies 6 cm
    SKU: pix065
    Porta tealight with mushroom and Pixies lying down sleeping
  27. 27
    Pixies ashtray 12 cm
    SKU: pix031
    Pixies with nut shell to use ashtrays
  28. 28
    Pixies dancers, CM13
    SKU: pix025
    Pixies pair of plastic position dancers
  29. 29
    Pixies with sling 15 cm
    SKU: pix022
    Spiteful Pixies which is about to throw a stone with a sling
  30. 30
    Pixies fishing 14 cm
    SKU: pix010
    Pixies fisherman with fishing rod in metal and attached to the rope fish
  31. 31
    Pixies sitting 13 cm
    SKU: pix003
    Pixies sitting reading a very nice book and curious