Etnographical Museum of Novalesa and House of Frescoes

Etnographical Museum of Novalesa or old lifestyle in Val Cenischia 

Presentation of Museum of old lifestyle in Val Cenischia 





clicca sulla foto scattata nel museo di vita montana di Novalesa per ottenerne l'ingrandimentoIn the summer of1972, thepopulationof Novalesapicked upthe invitationof prof. GiuseppeFerrero, President of theProLoco, who had invited theNovalicensito "lend" tools andother everydaylifeobjectsno longer in useto make ashow"Ethno" onruralanddomestic lifeof yesteryear.

They were so out of attics, basements, closets, a variety of things, the most unusual, unexpected and almost forgotten by the owners.
Unfortunately many ancient objects have been lost, but what remains of the life of yesterday is really interesting..
Purpose of the exhibition became the museum was to acquaint young as you used to live in Novalesa and what his resources, for a comparison with the changes introduced by progress.

clicca sulla foto scattata nel museo di vita montana di Novalesa per ottenerne l'ingrandimentoFirst seat of the exhibitionwasthe AbbeyofNovalesa, thenin 1974was brought tothe countryandset up in thelounge on the groundfloor of the formerTown Hall. Thanksto the Municipalitywhich lateralso madeavailablethe premiseson the first floorthe museum hasbeen able totake histrue and mostauthentic look of"home" ready to welcomethose who wantto dive into thepast andrelive theemotions feltby our grandparentsandancestorsof past centuries.

The building that houses the museum dates back to 1600, restored in 1783 was the Community House, which in addition to the congregations hall housed the guard, school and housing for the teacher.
These rooms now house the valuable collections that allow us to discover the history of the countries and peoples that have lived for centuries at the foot of the big step of Mont Cenis.

The museum is divided into several themed rooms, within each of which have been reconstructed spaces that recall the past.
On the first floor is the agricultural tools room, on the second floor there are, in addition to a video room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the hallway.


clicca sulla foto scattata nel museo di vita montana di Novalesa per ottenerne l'ingrandimento

Today you can visit the new section devoted to DOLLS from 1950 onwards ...




Museo di Vita Montana
Via Maestra, 46
10050 Novalesa (TO)
Tel  0122 653333

Opening: July - August-September
Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:30 am

Throughout the year, guided tours by appointment for groups and schools

 clicca sulla foto scattata nel museo di vita montana di Novalesa per ottenerne l'ingrandimento










vai alla descrizione del libro Alpi in ScenaThe Museum of Novalesa card has been inserted in the new book by Paul Sibilla and Valentina Porcellana, published by Daniela Piazza Editore,

Click on the image of the book for more information.





LA CHORSE OF FRESCOES  or  Inn of the Croce Bianca

The House of the frescoes recently restored by the municipality that has acquired the municipal heritage, is a former medieval inn


With a double internal environment, well preserved, the size of the great structure for that period, and the frescoes that cover the entire surface of the interior walls is to assume that it was a very important Locanda.



Probably to be identified with the Inn of the Croce Bianca mentioned in documents from the fourteenth century, it has frescoes on the façade with the coats of arms of the European regions of origin and destination of the customers of the inn.

Internally, the house has a cool geometric decorations with inscriptions left by patrons over time. During the restoration it was also found a curious inscription of a host of Polish origin.



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Presentaton of the book "PASSAGIO AL MONCENISIO"

The house of the frescoes recently did frame the presentation of the book "Passage Mont Cenis" writer Pierangelo Chiolero, which tells of a Napoleonic architect Regio and Marron of Val Cenischia.




On this occasion, the House of Frescoes, and all the land of Novalesa were able to revive the ancient glories through a touring theatrical representation with the arrival of Marron and sedan complete with a noblewoman on board.