Fairies of motherhood

  1. 1
    Angel with child 35 cm GALAEL
    SKU: ang051
    Beautiful Angel with pink baby flying in the clouds
  2. 2
    Fairy with baby on her lap 20 cm
    SKU: fat0973
    Adorable Fairy kneeling on the rock on baby in the womb
  3. 3
    Fairy with baby 32 cm
    SKU: fat0952
    kneeling fairy with baby in her arms
  4. 4
    Fairy standing with Tiger 32 cm
    SKU: fat0706
    Spectacular fairy standing with baby in her arms, and at the foot of the snow tiger
  5. 5
    Lien baby asleep to hang 12 cm
    SKU: fat1037
    Sweet orange baby asleep in a leaf, to hang