Fairies with animals

  1. 1
    LIVI standing with peacock 48 cm
    SKU: fat1300
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in blue with a white peacock on her lap
  2. 2
    MIVAR sitting on eagle 24 cm
    SKU: fat1292
    Tender Fairy sitting astride an eagle
  3. 3
    CLEAR with peacock 64 cm
    SKU: fat1291
    Big Fairy standing with a wrapped peacock
  4. 4
    ELVI Fairy with white rabbit 21 cm
    SKU: fat1277
    Adorable Green Fairy riding a white rabbit
  5. 5
    TINDA Fairy on snail 19.5 cm
    SKU: fat1276
    Adorable Fairy riding a snail and a soap bubble in her hand
  6. 6
    CLAIR Fairy with two owls 28 cm
    SKU: fat1271
    Beautiful fairy with red hair and two owls at her side
  7. 7
    ZEPHON Blue angel with doves 23 cm
    SKU: ang079
    Beautiful Angel dressed in blue surrounded by white doves
  8. 8
    NIMUEH Angel with lion 43 cm
    SKU: ang076
    Superb angel in pink dress with lamb lion and a white dove in hand
  9. 9
    TEINA Fairy standing with two flamingo cm 46.5
    SKU: fat1267
    Adorable purple fairy with two pink flamigo on her hips
  10. 10
    IRIEL Golden angel with aquila head 35 cm
    SKU: ang074
    Splendid angel dressed in gold with eagle on his head and magic stick in his hand
  11. 11
    SAHRIEL Angel with dove 30.5 cm
    SKU: ang072
    Adorable white angel with dove on column and cross in hand
  12. 12
    Fairy POENIX with peacock 37.5 cm
    SKU: fat1244
    Adorable orange and black fairy with orange peacock in her hand
  13. 13
    Fairy Salma with eagle 23 cm
    SKU: fat1240
    Beautiful fairy sitting with an eagle on her hand
  14. 14
    Fairy ATAD lying with a 17 cm bunny
    SKU: fat1237
    Superb fairy lying down with a white bunny
  15. 15
    RAMIA fairy with white horse blue dress 26.5 cm
    SKU: fat1234
    Beautiful blue fairy sitting on a white horse
  16. 16
    Fairy NIRA with black horse 31 cm
    SKU: fat1233
    Beautiful fairy with a mask sitting on a black horse
  17. 17
    WHITE Fairy with white horse 25 cm
    SKU: fat1232
    Beautiful Fairy in white dress with white horse
  18. 18
    CARISA fairy on moon with flowers 28.5 cm
    SKU: fat1231
    Bright red fairy sitting on the moon with butterfly and white flowers
  19. 19
    Fairy Fairy on the moon with a crow 28 cm
    SKU: fat1230
    Mysterious black fairy on moon with crow on knees
  20. 20
    Lolira fairy on moon with white cat 30 cm
    SKU: fat1229
    Beautiful blue fairy sitting on the moon with a white kitten on her lap
  21. 21
    SYRIA Angel sitting on a skull 38.5 cm
    SKU: ang066
    Angry Angel sitting on a dragon skull
  22. 22
    Fairy ALAERIA with fire moon 26.5 cm
    SKU: fat1223
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in red sitting on a fire moon and parrot
  23. 23
    Fairy ANAJA with wind moon 28.5 cm
    SKU: fat1222
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in blue sitting on air moon and black cat
  24. 24
    Fairy TRIZA sitting with black cat 39.5 cm
    SKU: fat1216
    Beautiful Fairy kneeling with a black cat and around candles in her arms
  25. 25
    Fairy RIDA sitting with white tiger 34.5 cm
    SKU: fat1212
    Adorable fairy kneeling with a beautiful white tiger next to it
  26. 26
    Fairy SAIDA with flowers and doves cm 13.5
    SKU: fat1204
    She had a fairy kneeling with two doves and daisies
  27. 27
    Velola Fairy sitting on mushroom 16 cm
    SKU: fat1197
    Fairy sitting on mushroom, with flying winged frog
  28. 28
    Elesil Fairy sitting on trunk 16 cm
    SKU: fat1196
    Fairy sitting on trunk with flying hummingbird
  29. 29
    SOLAS Angel mouted  29,5 cm
    SKU: ang060
    Massive Angel on Horseback with bow
  30. 30
    Kirea Fairy with Panter cm 41
    SKU: fat1147
    Elegant Winter Fairy, with white panther on a leash
  31. 31
    Canura Fairy Black and White
    SKU: fat1141
    Elegant Fairy, with black and white dress
  32. 32
    Fairy with parrot 55 cm KARTISIA
    SKU: fat1104
    Fairy with parrot on his shoulder and feathers in her hair
  33. 33
    Fairy with Baby Tiger 12 cm
    SKU: fat0989
    Adorable Fairy hugged to a baby white tiger
  34. 34
    Brya with white tiger 51 cm
    SKU: fat0958
    Spectacular Fairy with white tiger
  35. 35
    Fairy with white tiger Valira 34 cm
    SKU: fat0941
    Adorable Fairy sitting by side with a beautiful White Tiger
  36. 36
    Table with Fata and lantern 67 cm Ø 50
    SKU: fat0723
    Spectacular coffee table with crystal shelf with fairy with lantern and a rabbit on her lap
  37. 37
    Fairy standing with Tiger 32 cm
    SKU: fat0706
    Spectacular fairy standing with baby in her arms, and at the foot of the snow tiger
  38. 38
    Panthera Fairy with Black Panther 29 cm
    SKU: fat1072
    Beautiful fairy with a black panther on a leash