Fairies with dragons

  1. 1
    RAMIRA standing with white Dragons 34.5 cm
    SKU: fat1310
    Beautiful Fairy standing with two white dragons on the sides
  2. 2
    GAIA seat with dragon 44.5 cm
    SKU: fat1301
    Adorable Fairy sitting with parchment in hand and a little green dragon by her side
  3. 3
    VERA with dragon 22 cm
    SKU: fat1297
    Adorable Fairy kneeling in front of a dragon on a mushroom
  4. 4
    Queen of Havoc 13x10x22 cm
    SKU: fat1289
    Spectacular Queen with black dragon on shoulders
  5. 5
    Fairy with dragon 22x15x26 cm
    SKU: fat1283
    Beautiful fairy with wrapped dragon
  6. 6
    TIFANI Blue angel with dragons 54.5 cm
    SKU: ang078
    Spectacular angel in blue dress with small dragons around
  7. 7
    TAMESIS Fairy standing with Dragon 28 cm
    SKU: fat1261
    Wonderful fairy with a tree dragon alongside
  8. 8
    Mad Queen 18x16x26xcm
    SKU: fat1256
    Beautiful fairy with mask sitting on a pile of skulls
  9. 9
    SALIMA fairy with ball 43.5 cm
    SKU: fat1254
    Adorable Red Fairy with crystal ball and dragon on her feet
  10. 10
    MERLIN with dragon 32.5 cm
    SKU: fat1248
    Merlin the Magician standing with a big black dragon behind him
  11. 11
    LARA fairy with dragon and torch 32.5 cm
    SKU: fat1247
    Beautiful fairy standing with torch and black dragon behind
  12. 12
    Fairy RUTI with white dragon 56.5 cm
    SKU: fat1246
    Imposing black Fairy with white Dragon at the side and little dragon in the lap
  13. 13
    Fairy FLINA with Dragon and fire 31.5 cm
    SKU: fat1243
    Beautiful Fairy standing with dragon spit fire at side
  14. 14
    Fairy ARELIA with Dragon 24 cm
    SKU: fat1242
    Adorable Fairy with Baby Dragon and Mum Dragon around
  15. 15
    Fairy NAMI with white dragon 51.5 cm
    SKU: fat1235
    Adorable fairy with a baby dragon on her feet
  16. 16
    Fairy CAIA standing with dragon cm 30.5
    SKU: fat1227
    Gorgeous fairy dressed in red with red dragon
  17. 17
    Fairy BENAJA standing with dragon cm 31
    SKU: fat1226
    Gorgeous Fairy dressed in white with red dragon
  18. 18
    Xania Fairy with Dragon cm 28
    SKU: fat1134
    Elegant Fairy in red gown, with white Dragon
  19. 19
    Fairy standing with dragon, Xeena 56 cm
    SKU: fat1098
    Spectacular Fairy standing with dragon on the back and wings with Dragon Eye
  20. 20
    Fairy with Dragon and ball 39x27x55 cm
    SKU: fat0869
    Spectacular Fairy with white dragon with crystal ball dressed in black
  21. 21
    Dragon Queen 39x40x34 cm
    SKU: fat1075
    Spectacular Fairy with a large white dragon dipped in a fountain