History and Tradition

  1. 1
    Alpi in Scena
    SKU: lib020
    Detailed and timely collection of all the museums of the Piedmont tradition; There is also a section dedicated to the ethnographic museum of Novalesa
  2. 2
    Altare barocco a Novalesa
    SKU: lib022
    The story of a masterpiece of Baroque Genovese: the altar for the Eucharistic custody in the abbey church of Novalesa; stroria altar and the painting representing the communion of St. Gertrude
  3. 3
    Arte religiosa alpina
    SKU: lib023
    A significant collection of the artistic heritage of the Susa Valley on religious art.
  4. 4
    Affreschi seicenteschi di Mompantero
    SKU: lib027
    A very detailed review of the seventeenth-century frescoes in the area of Mompantero
  5. 5
    La patata di Novalesa
    SKU: lib030
    The "bread of the mountain" the mountain potato history, itineraries and recipes.
  6. 6
    Mobili tradizionali delle Alpi occidentali
    SKU: lib031
    A book illustrated with a photographic collection of the best traditional furniture of the western Alps.