Marseilles soap

The ancient recipe is still used in an old soap making in Marseilles to produce this soap with exceptional characteristics of life quality and effectiveness.

  1. 1
    natural soap cube of Marseille gr. 300
    SKU: pro009
    Cube of Marseille neutral soap gr. 300
  2. 2
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about
    SKU: pro012
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about, very suitable for bathroom decor
  3. 3
    Three of Marseille soap squares with hole to hang 5x5x1 cm
    SKU: pro013
    Three soap squares of Marseille with hole to hang, you can also use the bottom of the bed to eliminate cramps
  4. 4
    Marseille soap holder ceramic 8x8x8 cm
    SKU: pro058
    Useful door ceramic Marseille soap (soap not included)
  5. 5
    ceramic liquid soap dispenser cm 8x8x15
    SKU: pro059
    Profit distributor ceramic liquid soap (soap not included)