1. 1
    Lavender dried flowers, in packs of 1 kg
    SKU: pro001
    Lavender flowers, produced and dried by us in Novalesa in packs of 1 kg
  2. 2
    Lavender dried flowers in bunch
    SKU: pro002
    Lavender flowers, produced and dried by us in Novalesa in bunch
  3. 3
    Lavender dried flowers in organza bag cm 8x10 Gr.10
    SKU: pro007
    Lavender flowers, produced and dried by us in Novalesa in blue organza bag
  4. 4
    natural soap cube of Marseille gr. 300
    SKU: pro009
    Cube of Marseille neutral soap gr. 300
  5. 5
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about
    SKU: pro012
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about, very suitable for bathroom decor
  6. 6
    Three of Marseille soap squares with hole to hang 5x5x1 cm
    SKU: pro013
    Three soap squares of Marseille with hole to hang, you can also use the bottom of the bed to eliminate cramps
  7. 7
    Lavender seeds of Novalesa
    SKU: pro035
    Seeds of our Novalesa Lavender
  8. 8
    pure essential oil of Lavandin 30 ml
    SKU: pro040
    Pure essential oil of lavandin, distilled in France in the distilleries of we trust (choose the size of the bottle)
  9. 9
    Doll towel holder with towel included 50 cm
    SKU: pro052
    Doll to hang towel holder with towel included
  10. 10
    Wooden Clock theme Lavender 30 cm
    SKU: pro054
    Useful clock in wood with lavender
  11. 11
    Melamine tray 19x15 cm
    SKU: pro055
    Useful melamine tray with lavender
  12. 12
    high ceramic cup with lavender cm 10x8
    SKU: pro057
    Useful and beautiful ceramic mug high a lavender
  13. 13
    Marseille soap holder ceramic 8x8x8 cm
    SKU: pro058
    Useful door ceramic Marseille soap (soap not included)
  14. 14
    ceramic liquid soap dispenser cm 8x8x15
    SKU: pro059
    Profit distributor ceramic liquid soap (soap not included)
  15. 15
    massage oil, Fate, 150 ml
    SKU: pro060
    Created for massage and self-massage of the female body. Helps fight cellulite, drains the lymphatic stagnation, relieves PMS.
  16. 16
    massage oil, Angels, 150 ml
    SKU: pro061
    Light and delicate as the beating of wings. Particularly suited to the weakest: stressed and strained, the elderly, children. It favors a peaceful sleep and serene.
  17. 17
    massage oil, Essenes, 150 ml
    SKU: pro062
    Ancient formula is the emergency remedy for all kinds of pain, for daily use in the winter season, to fight the cold and humidity. His effluvia tone and give vitality.
  18. 18
    massage oil Elves, 150 ml
    SKU: pro063
    The essential oils of helichrysum, mandarin, pepper, celery and cinnamon, working in synergy, enhance the personality, creativity and personal growth.