Nature Pixies

When you walk into a garden, and as if by magic come wrapped in a magical harmony, be careful you might see under a leaf or between the petals of a flower a Pixies. They love every plant and every flower, and if you love the nature will protect you and bring you luck.

Designed by Antony Fisher.

® The "Pixies" name is a registered trademark, all products in this category belong to this brand that will be reported on each product you will receive.

  1. 1
    Pixies boy with dog cm 30
    SKU: pix640
    Pixies standing with dog in arm
  2. 2
    Pixie girl with cat cm 30
    SKU: pix639
    Pixies standing with cat in arm
  3. 3
    Pixies sitting with mushroom 29 cm
    SKU: pix620
    Beautiful Pixies sitting shelf with a mushroom in his hand making sign to to keep quiet
  4. 4
    Pixies in nutshell, 12 cm
    SKU: pix530
    Pixies sitting in a nut like a boat with a sail leaf
  5. 5
    Pixies riding a chicken cm 8,5x5x12
    SKU: pix630
    Adorable Pixies riding a racing chicken with numbered seat
  6. 6
    Pixies riding a pig cm 8,5x5x12
    SKU: pix629
    Adorable Pixies riding a racing pig with numbered seat
  7. 7
    Pixies sitting with cloverleafs cm 5,5x5,5x8
    SKU: pix627
    Tender Pixies sitting on a mushroom in hand twu cloverleafs and ladybug
  8. 8
    Pixies lying with cloverleaf cm 5,5x5,5x8
    SKU: pix626
    Tender Pixies lying on a mushroom in hand cloverleaf and ladybug
  9. 9
    Pixies family under cloverleaf 8x9x10 cm
    SKU: pix625
    Adorable Pixies family with great cloverleaf as an umbrella
  10. 10
    Pixies on frog in the race 13x10x13 cm
    SKU: pix508
    Adorable Pixies on frog racing speed
  11. 11
    Pixies brings tealight 12x12x16,5
    SKU: pix616
    Sympathetic brings tealight with Pixies lying that you can remove
  12. 12
    Pixies with three turtles 14x12x16 cm
    SKU: pix009
    Pixies sitting on a turtle with baby turtle in hand and a turtle other side
  13. 13
    Pixies snail cm 19x9x9
    SKU: pix199
    Funny Pixies coming out of a snail shell
  14. 14
    Boule de neige with Pixies 8x10 cm
    SKU: pix266
    Beautiful Boule de neige with Pixie feet and the base
  15. 15
    Pixies standing with mushroom and frog 21x24x68 cm
    SKU: pix376
    Big Pixies standing, mushroom, frog shoulder bag and squirrel
  16. 16
    Pixies sleeping on Dolmen 9x6x12 cm
    SKU: pix608
    Sweet Pixies intent to sleep lying on a Dolmen
  17. 17
    Pixie reading of Dolmen 9x6x12 cm
    SKU: pix607
    Sweet Pixies intently reading sitting on a Dolmen
  18. 18
    Pixies with umbrella and dove 13.5 cm
    SKU: pix598
    Adorable Pixies with umbrella and dove
  19. 19
    Pixies with umbrella and ladybug 13.5 cm
    SKU: pix597
    Adorable Pixies with umbrella and ladybug
  20. 20
    Pixies with Riccio, 26 cm
    SKU: pix230
    Adorable Pixies intent on observing a mole
  21. 21
    Red Pixies with owl 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix592
    Adorable Pixies, with red dress holding owl
  22. 22
    Pixies with purple owl 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix591
    Adorable Pixies with purple dress with owl in the hand
  23. 23
    Pixies on car turtle cm 14,5x9,5x14
    SKU: pix580
    Simpatic Pixies who is leading a turtle with the steering wheel
  24. 24
    Pixies sleeping on mushroom cm 10x7,5x11
    SKU: pix573
    Pixies adorable, sleeping lying on a mushroom
  25. 25
    House Pixies 29x29x35 cm
    SKU: pix570
    Pixies beautiful house with the word Welcome
  26. 26
    Pixies on hare in the race 8x8x12 cm
    SKU: pix512
    Adorable Pixies on hare in the race speed
  27. 27
    Pixies on turtle in the race 13x10x13 cm
    SKU: pix510
    Adorable Pixies on turtle in the race speed
  28. 28
    Pixies on snail in the race 13x10x13 cm
    SKU: pix509
    Adorable Pixies on snail racing speed
  29. 29
    Pixies couple with chestnut cm 17,5x14x32
    SKU: pix489
    Adorable pair of Pixies love holding a chestnut
  30. 30
    Pixies reading cm 8x7,5x11,5
    SKU: pix488
    Beautiful Pixies reading sitting on a chestnut hedgehog
  31. 31
    Pixies napkin holder 11 cm
    SKU: pix422
    napkin holder practical with sunflower and Pixies
  32. 32
    Pixies with turtle 9 cm
    SKU: pix420
    Classic Pixies with turtle
  33. 33
    Pixies with ladybird 9 cm
    SKU: pix419
    Classic Pixies with ladybird
  34. 34
    Pixies with mole cm 9
    SKU: pix417
    Classic Pixies with mole
  35. 35
    Pixies to a snail horseback 22.5 cm
    SKU: pix375
    Pixies riding a snail
  36. 36
    Porta lumino fungus and Pixies 6 cm
    SKU: pix065
    Porta tealight with mushroom and Pixies lying down sleeping
  37. 37
    Pixies fishing 14 cm
    SKU: pix010
    Pixies fisherman with fishing rod in metal and attached to the rope fish