Nene Thomas

  1. 1
    SOLACE on moon 31 cm
    SKU: fat1299
    Sweet Black Fairy sitting on a moon
  2. 2
    MEMORY on moon 31 cm
    SKU: fat1298
    Sweet White Fairy sitting on a moon
  3. 3
    KERA sitting with harp 20 cm
    SKU: ang081
    Adorable angel dressed in white intent to play a harp
  4. 4
    MOON DREAMER on moon 40 cm
    SKU: ang080
    Beautiful angel purple dress sitting on a moon
  5. 5
    FIONA Fairy standing with cloth veil 27 cm
    SKU: fat1268
    Splendid Fairy dressed in white with veil nuptial genuine embroidered cloth
  6. 6
    ADRIEL Angel with violin 27.5 cm
    SKU: ang075
    Beautiful standing angel playing a violin
  7. 7
    RAMIA fairy with white horse blue dress 26.5 cm
    SKU: fat1234
    Beautiful blue fairy sitting on a white horse
  8. 8
    Fairy NIRA with black horse 31 cm
    SKU: fat1233
    Beautiful fairy with a mask sitting on a black horse
  9. 9
    WHITE Fairy with white horse 25 cm
    SKU: fat1232
    Beautiful Fairy in white dress with white horse
  10. 10
    CARISA fairy on moon with flowers 28.5 cm
    SKU: fat1231
    Bright red fairy sitting on the moon with butterfly and white flowers
  11. 11
    Lolira fairy on moon with white cat 30 cm
    SKU: fat1229
    Beautiful blue fairy sitting on the moon with a white kitten on her lap
  12. 12
    Fairy CAIA standing with dragon cm 30.5
    SKU: fat1227
    Gorgeous fairy dressed in red with red dragon
  13. 13
    Fairy BENAJA standing with dragon cm 31
    SKU: fat1226
    Gorgeous Fairy dressed in white with red dragon
  14. 14
    Fairy EARTH with Earth Moon 29 cm
    SKU: fat1224
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in brown sitting on earth moon and colorful flowers
  15. 15
    Fairy ALAERIA with fire moon 26.5 cm
    SKU: fat1223
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in red sitting on a fire moon and parrot
  16. 16
    Fairy ANAJA with wind moon 28.5 cm
    SKU: fat1222
    Beautiful Fairy dressed in blue sitting on air moon and black cat
  17. 17
    Fairy SINA is a frosted moon 28 cm
    SKU: fat1221
    Beautiful fairy dressed in white sitting on icy moon