PIXIES ® the original

  1. 1
    Pixies Welcome wall 28 cm
    SKU: pix059
    Beautiful plaque to hang with Pixies Welcome
  2. 2
    Pixies Super Wife 10 cm
    SKU: pix677
    Origin. Pixies with Certificate
  3. 3
    Pixies Super Champion 10 cm
    SKU: pix671
    Origin. Pixies with Certificate
  4. 4
    Pixies Super soccer 10 cm
    SKU: pix670
    Origin. Pixies with Certificate
  5. 5
    Pixies Best friends  10 cm
    SKU: pix667
    Origin. Pixies with Certificate
  6. 6
    Pixies Forever loves  10 cm
    SKU: pix666
    Origin. Pixies with Certificate
  7. 7
    Pixies family by hand cm 15
    SKU: pix665
    Pixies couple with baby by hand
  8. 8
    Pair of pixies on blue vespa cm 11.5
    SKU: pix664
    Pair of pixies in scooter
  9. 9
    Pair of pixies on green vespa 11.5 cm
    SKU: pix663
    Pair of pixies in scooter
  10. 10
    Pair of pixies on green vespa with baby cm 10,5
    SKU: pix662
    Pixies family in scooter with a baby on board
  11. 11
    Pair of pixies on blue vespa with babys 10.5 cm
    SKU: pix661
    Pixies family in scooter with two children on board
  12. 12
    Pair of Pixies on White and Blue vespa cm 14.5
    SKU: pix660
    Pixies pair in scooter
  13. 13
    Pixies on white and red vespa cm 11
    SKU: pix659
    Pair of pixies in scooter with dog
  14. 14
    Pixies in bathtub with smartphone cm 9
    SKU: pix658
    Pixie social in bath and foam
  15. 15
    Pixies on bicycle with smsrtphone cm 11
    SKU: pix657
    Pixies social on red bicycle
  16. 16
    Pixies couple in car with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix656
    Pair of Pixies Social in Red 500
  17. 17
    Pixies on fungus with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix655
    Social Pixies sitting on a mushroom
  18. 18
    Pixies in wardrobe with smartphone cm 6.5
    SKU: pix654
    Pixies social sitting in front of a dresser
  19. 19
    Pixies shopping with smartphone cm 10
    SKU: pix653
    Pixies social with online shopping parcels
  20. 20
    Pixies couple at the table with smartphone cm 8
    SKU: pix652
    Pair of Pixies social at table
  21. 21
    Pixies in kitchen with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix651
    Pixies company in the kitchen
  22. 22
    Pixies family with smartphone cm 8
    SKU: pix649
    Pixies social family
  23. 23
    Pixies on vespa with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix647
    Pixies social on scooter with backpack
  24. 24
    Pixies with smartphone at traffic lights cm 21
    SKU: pix645
    Pixies social at the traffic light
  25. 25
    Pixie couple in love with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix644
    Pair of Pixies social
  26. 26
    Pixie family on bench cm 17
    SKU: pix642
    Pixies family on a bench
  27. 27
    Pixies loving couple on bench 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix641
    Couple of lovers on a bench
  28. 28
    Pixies boy with dog cm 30
    SKU: pix640
    Pixies standing with dog in arm
  29. 29
    Pixie girl with cat cm 30
    SKU: pix639
    Pixies standing with cat in arm
  30. 30
    Pixies with balloon to hang 17 cm
    SKU: pix638
    Pixies to hang in the air balloon
  31. 31
    Pixie with hanging aircraft cm 16
    SKU: pix637
    Pixies on a plane to hang that greetings with his hand
  32. 32
    Pixies book piggy bank sitting on 15.5 cm
    SKU: pix636
    Pixies sitting down in a book with a piggy bank
  33. 33
    Six Pixies music band 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix635
    Series of six Pixies musicians with different instruments
  34. 34
    Pair of pixies in bicycle cm 12 cm
    SKU: pix481
    Sympathetic pair of Pixies lovers of red bicycle
  35. 35
    Coffee table with Pixies cm 55 cm
    SKU: pix480
    Beautiful and useful Coffee table with Pixies couple in love
  36. 36
    Pixies sitting with mushroom 29 cm
    SKU: pix620
    Beautiful Pixies sitting shelf with a mushroom in his hand making sign to to keep quiet
  37. 37
    Pixies in nutshell, 12 cm
    SKU: pix530
    Pixies sitting in a nut like a boat with a sail leaf
  38. 38
    I do not see I do not speak I do not feel 14 cm
    SKU: pix158
    Curious little scene with Pixies do not see, do not speak, sitting next
  39. 39
    Pixies couple, to be placed on shelf cm 13,5x15,5
    SKU: pix633
    Pixies couple, he sitting and she lying, to be placed in a shelf
  40. 40
    Pixies couple of friends, to be placed on shelf cm 13,5x15,5
    SKU: pix632
    Pixies pair of friends one sitting and the other lying, to be placed in a shelf
  41. 41
    Two Pixies light holder cm 8,5x7,5x10,5
    SKU: pix631
    Two cute sitting Pixies, with his arm in a nest light holder
  42. 42
    Pixies riding a chicken cm 8,5x5x12
    SKU: pix630
    Adorable Pixies riding a racing chicken with numbered seat
  43. 43
    Pixies riding a pig cm 8,5x5x12
    SKU: pix629
    Adorable Pixies riding a racing pig with numbered seat
  44. 44
    Pixies sitting with cloverleafs cm 5,5x5,5x8
    SKU: pix627
    Tender Pixies sitting on a mushroom in hand twu cloverleafs and ladybug
  45. 45
    Pixies lying with cloverleaf cm 5,5x5,5x8
    SKU: pix626
    Tender Pixies lying on a mushroom in hand cloverleaf and ladybug
  46. 46
    Pixies family under cloverleaf 8x9x10 cm
    SKU: pix625
    Adorable Pixies family with great cloverleaf as an umbrella
  47. 47
    Incense burners with Pixies cm 30,5x7x7,5
    SKU: pix623
    Useful and fun incense burner and light holder with Pixies eating apples
  48. 48
    Pixies piggy bank with mushroom cm 11,5x12,5x18
    SKU: pix622
    Nice and useful piggy bank with upside-down mushroom and embraced Pixies
  49. 49
    Pixies couple in love cm 7,5x4,5x11
    SKU: pix621
    Adorable couple Pixies love, with your hands in shape of heart
  50. 50
    Pixies on frog in the race 13x10x13 cm
    SKU: pix508
    Adorable Pixies on frog racing speed
  51. 51
    Pixies brings tealight 12x12x16,5
    SKU: pix616
    Sympathetic brings tealight with Pixies lying that you can remove
  52. 52
    Pixies with three turtles 14x12x16 cm
    SKU: pix009
    Pixies sitting on a turtle with baby turtle in hand and a turtle other side
  53. 53
    Lovely love magician 10 cm
    SKU: mag039
    Lovley, the love magician will listen to your heart sorrow and infuse love and sweetness. Confidagli your wishes, he will answer them.
  54. 54
    Gluckly magician fortune 10 cm
    SKU: mag038
    Gluckly the magician of luck will help you achieve all your projects, giving you a bit of luck and reminding those who possess savings and thrift
  55. 55
    Monley magician wealth 10 cm
    SKU: mag037
    Monley the magician of wealth will help to solve every economic problem. Monley's generous nature and a rewarder of them that are just as generous.
  56. 56
    Healthy health magician 10 cm
    SKU: mag036
    Healthy magician health, in its mysterious bottle retains the elixir of life. Take it with you and him maybe it will make you take a sip.
  57. 57
    Greenly, magician trouble-shooting 10 cm
    SKU: mag035
    Greenly the magician trouble-shooting with his broom will always be ready to chase away the troubles and the negative influences that threaten.
  58. 58
    Pixies snail cm 19x9x9
    SKU: pix199
    Funny Pixies coming out of a snail shell
  59. 59
    Pixies to hang lying left 19x10x4 cm
    SKU: pix615
    Available again, the Pixies to hang lying with his hands forward
  60. 60
    Pixies to hang lying right 19x10x4 cm
    SKU: pix614
    Available again, the Pixies to hang lying with his hands forward
  61. 61
    Boule de neige with Pixies 8x10 cm
    SKU: pix266
    Beautiful Boule de neige with Pixie feet and the base
  62. 62
    Pixies standing with mushroom and frog 21x24x68 cm
    SKU: pix376
    Big Pixies standing, mushroom, frog shoulder bag and squirrel
  63. 63
    Pixies bottle sitting cm 18,5x15,5x24
    SKU: pix611
    Pixies sitting on a barrel with bottle bunch of grapes in hand
  64. 64
    Pixies bottle standing cm 16,5x12x21
    SKU: pix610
    Pixies standing beside a barrel as a container bottle
  65. 65
    Pixies sleeping on Dolmen 9x6x12 cm
    SKU: pix608
    Sweet Pixies intent to sleep lying on a Dolmen
  66. 66
    Pixie reading of Dolmen 9x6x12 cm
    SKU: pix607
    Sweet Pixies intently reading sitting on a Dolmen
  67. 67
    Pixies couple with guitar on Dolmen 9x8x12 cm
    SKU: pix606
    Pixies adorable couple on a Dolmen with guitar and snail
  68. 68
    Pixies couple with rose on Dolmen 9x8x12 cm
    SKU: pix605
    Adorable Pixies couple sitting on a dolmen with a rose and a mushroom in his hand
  69. 69
    Pixies with umbrella and dove 13.5 cm
    SKU: pix598
    Adorable Pixies with umbrella and dove
  70. 70
    Pixies with umbrella and ladybug 13.5 cm
    SKU: pix597
    Adorable Pixies with umbrella and ladybug
  71. 71
    Pixies with Riccio, 26 cm
    SKU: pix230
    Adorable Pixies intent on observing a mole
  72. 72
    Red Pixies with owl 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix592
    Adorable Pixies, with red dress holding owl
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