Pixies couple and family

When you walk into a garden, and as if by magic come wrapped in a magical harmony, be careful you might see under a leaf or between the petals of a flower a Pixies. They love every plant and every flower, and if you love the nature will protect you and bring you luck.

Designed by Antony Fisher.

® The "Pixies" name is a registered trademark, all products in this category belong to this brand that will be reported on each product you will receive.

  1. 1
    Pixies couple musicians 15x5x10 cm
    SKU: pix695
    Nice Pixies couple with accordion and score
  2. 2
    Pixies couple with heart balloons 8,5x4,4x14 cm
    SKU: pix693
    Sweet couple of Pixies hugging each other, with a big heart in their hands and a row of balloons at the top
  3. 3
    Pixies couple on hammock 11x7x3.5 cm
    SKU: pix634
    Nice Pixies couple lying on a hammock, to hang
  4. 4
    Pixies family by hand cm 15
    SKU: pix665
    Pixies couple with baby by hand
  5. 5
    Pair of Pixies on White and Blue vespa cm 14.5
    SKU: pix660
    Pixies pair in scooter
  6. 6
    Pixies on white and red vespa cm 11
    SKU: pix659
    Pair of pixies in scooter with dog
  7. 7
    Pixies couple in car with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix656
    Pair of Pixies Social in Red 500
  8. 8
    Pixies family with smartphone cm 8
    SKU: pix649
    Pixies social family
  9. 9
    Pixie couple in love with smartphone cm 12
    SKU: pix644
    Pair of Pixies social
  10. 10
    Pixie family on bench cm 17
    SKU: pix642
    Pixies family on a bench
  11. 11
    Pixies loving couple on bench 8.5 cm
    SKU: pix641
    Couple of lovers on a bench
  12. 12
    Coffee table with Pixies cm 55 cm
    SKU: pix480
    Beautiful and useful Coffee table with Pixies couple in love
  13. 13
    Pixies family under cloverleaf 8x9x10 cm
    SKU: pix625
    Adorable Pixies family with great cloverleaf as an umbrella
  14. 14
    Pixies couple in love cm 7,5x4,5x11
    SKU: pix621
    Adorable couple Pixies love, with your hands in shape of heart
  15. 15
    Couple sitting 10 cm
    SKU: pix584
    Couple sitting Pixies embraced
  16. 16
    Pixies couple with flowers 12.5 cm
    SKU: pix583
    Adorable pair of Pixies with flowers
  17. 17
    Pixies couple of arc 29.5 cm
    SKU: pix330
    Great pair of Pixies, sitting on top of an arch, with squirrel
  18. 18
    Pixies couple of arc 12.5 cm
    SKU: pix328
    Couple sitting on an arch
  19. 19
    Pixies couple with chestnut cm 17,5x14x32
    SKU: pix489
    Adorable pair of Pixies love holding a chestnut
  20. 20
    Married couple, cm12
    SKU: pix232
    Adorable married couple in wedding dresses
  21. 21
    married couple 6 cm
    SKU: pix182
    Friendly Pixies couple dressed as newlyweds
  22. 22
    Pixies couple in love 17 cm
    SKU: pix079
    Pixies pair of lovers on a ladybug