Steampunk is a genre of fantastic narrative-science fiction, fashionable at the end of the nineteenth century and particularly the London Victorian novels of Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells

Describe an anachronistic world where weapons and equipment are driven by steam power, and where computers and robots are fully mechanical

One way to describe the steampunk atmosphere is summed up in the slogan

"as it would have been in the past, if the future had happened before" 

  1. 1
    Bookends with dragon machine 27x12.5x20 cm
    SKU: stp020
    Beautiful pair of bookends with a decomposed mechanical dragon
  2. 2
    Plague mask with gears 27x18x13 cm
    SKU: stp019
    Original mask with long nose and gears on the eyes
  3. 3
    Cat mask cm 19x16x13
    SKU: stp018
    Original mask with cat and gears
  4. 4
    Glasses with gears 18x6x12 cm
    SKU: stp017
    Original glasses with gears on the eyes
  5. 5
    Glasses with glass cm 19x8x8
    SKU: stp016
    Original glasses with glasses on the eyes
  6. 6
    Glasses with colored LEDs cm 20x13x8
    SKU: stp015
    Original glasses with colored leds on the eyes
  7. 7
    Gas mask with colored LEDs 23x35x13 cm
    SKU: stp014
    Original gas mask with colored LEDs on the eyes
  8. 8
    Half mask cm 19x13x11
    SKU: stp013
    Original semi mask without grid on the eye
  9. 9
    Half-mask with grid 20x14x11 cm
    SKU: stp012
    Original semi-mask with grid on the eye
  10. 10
    Table clock with mechanical dragon 20.3 cm
    SKU: stp011
    Useful and graceful table clock with a mechanical dragon
  11. 11
    Black cat, steampunk 16.5 cm
    SKU: anl063
    Cute black cat with harness and steampunk hat
  12. 12
    Table clock with mechanical dragon 27 cm
    SKU: stp009
    Useful and graceful table clock with a wrapped mechanical dragon
  13. 13
    Box with mechanical dragon 17 cm
    SKU: stp008
    Beautiful and useful box with a mechanical dragon on the lid
  14. 14
    Hat with glasses 25x31x13 cm
    SKU: stp007
    Original hat with glasses
  15. 15
    Plague mask 27x18x13 cm
    SKU: stp006
    Original mask with long nose and glasses
  16. 16
    Mechanical bull in attack 32 cm
    SKU: stp003
    Beautiful mechanical bull, bronze color, in steampunk style, in position of attack
  17. 17
    Mechanical wings to hang 71 cm
    SKU: stp001
    Beautiful mechanical wings, bronze color, in perfect Steampunk style, to hang or to be used for Cosplay