Sheila Wolk

  1. 1
    LISA jewelry box with fairy 19 cm
    SKU: fat1278
    Useful and charming jewelry box, with a bust of Fata in meditation
  2. 2
    ZEPHON Blue angel with doves 23 cm
    SKU: ang079
    Beautiful Angel dressed in blue surrounded by white doves
  3. 3
    Siren NENRA sitting in the sea 47 cm
    SKU: fat1220
    Adorable Mermaid with dragonfishes and water lilies
  4. 4
    PHILA mermaid standing in the sea 23 cm
    SKU: fat1219
    Adorable Mermaid with colorful fish and algae
  5. 5
    Sirena kneeling between water lily flowers 14 cm
    SKU: fat0928
    Beautiful Sirena kneeling between Ninfea