Stellina Refuge

link to the imageGuarded by the majestic peak of Rocciamelone with his steps of Novalesa and Marmottere, the refuge "Stellina" acts as a "master" of this Punta Carolei, an integral part of a still wild environment.

The Stellina name is to remind the namesake partisan division, led by Commander Giulio Bolaffi (Aldo Laghi), these mountains stood out for the struggle for the rights of freedom justice and democracy.

This refuge is located at 2610 meters s.l.m. and was built by volunteers of Novalesa on a panoramic ridge from where the gaze embraces the whole Valcenischia, where you can admire the colors of a wonderful flowering alpine dell'ambiebte, where you breathe that air pure and fresh with its delicate smell of snow.
Even more spectacular is the sunset on the Mont Cenis with its play of colors to strong reddish colors while behind him stands the wild mass of Rocciamelone, the tip Tour, the Mont Lamet and the valley turns into a fantastic web of lights.

It 'an invitation to get up there to admire mountainous area of great beauty, where only the mountain can give that peace and tranquility that each of us would like to find.

Equipped with 25 beds, kitchen and bathroom, the Stellina is ideal stop for a climb to Rocciamelone, reached via Punta Marmottere (3384 m.) Or from Novalesa Pass (3238 m.).
These paths are marked by stone men and by appropriate signs indicators on 

The refuge is not accessible in winter by avalanches danger, but becomes an excellent hiking trip in the spring to late autumn.

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Property: Municipality of Novalesa
Location: Punta Carolei (at the foot of Rocciamelone)
Opening and management: the refuge is open all year round, guarded by mid-July to late August and on some weekends
Capacity: 25 beds
Energy: by the PV system, the tank water is not drinkable and heating stoves
Phone: 0039 (0)122-653333 Municipality, or +39 3487932330 Rifuge
Access routes: from Novalesa in 5 hours, along the forest track Prapiano (1,800 m.) and then the pasture Carolei (2,080 m.); a way easier access, provides the path of the Mont Cenis-Alpetour track (2,126 m.) called "Path of 2000" which begins after the French customs on the Mont Cenis national road. pasture joints will reach the refuge in 1 hour and 30


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