The Farfoulët

LEGEND of Farfoulët of Novalesa


clicca sull'immagine raffigurante un folletto per ottenerne l'ingrandimentoThe legend says: once upon a time, in the woods of Novalesa, a young man saw a beautiful Folletta (the farfultà) intent on washing clothes in the creek and fell in love.
But every time you approached, she ran away, and then sought the advice at an old in the country, who suggested what he should do.
He made a pair of shoes and hid under the stone washing. The Folletta found them and tried to fit them but they were very narrow and the young man was then able to approach to ask her to marry her.
The Folletta agreed, but on one condition, that he does not ever called "Folletta".
They married and had two little girls were happy.clicca sull'immagine raffigurante un folletto per ottenerne l'ingrandimento

One day when he was not there, she mowed all the grain that was not yet mature.
When the man got home got angry a lot, because it was not yet the time of harvest.
The Folletta justified himself by saying that he would arrive bad weather and would destroy him, but angry he shouted "hell of a Folletta !!". It ran in the house and disappeared behind the hearthstone.
The man did not see her ever again, but the Folletta when there was no returning to wash clean the house and comb little girls.
That year the bad weather destroyed
all the crops.