The Via Francigena

Extract from the Charter which you can get a free at our shop, contains all the information needed to travel the 100 km planned for the Val di Susa.


Since ancient times Susa Valley was one of the privileged areas for connecting Italy with the Alps, thanks to the necks of Montgenevre and Mont Cenis. The section of the Via Francigena of Susa Valley, linking Turin to Lyon through the Mont Cenis and Rome to Santiago through the Monginevro, is one of several itineraries climbed across the Alps during the Middle Ages. Itself does not coincide with the modern concept of the road, but corresponded along the furrow to a beam of parallel paths, more or less dense depending upon the crossed area. Each walker - pilgrim or merchant prince, peasant or clergyman - planned your route, aligning, adjusting to changes dictated by practical needs. places of worship, town centers with the market, obliged transit points and toll, monasteries, "hospitals" and parking spaces had to be identified as essential references for the trip. Along the route the pilgrim met places of worship such as the Sacra di San Michele, but also a system of hospices (Mont Cenis and Ranverso), monasteries (Novalesa, San Giusto di Susa) and monasteries (Montebenedetto and Banda) very extensive and well organized.


This ancient route, in our area, is also referred to by the names of the Ancient Royal Road or Street of France, and is defined as the path that in later times, was used to cross the Mont Cenis, leaving from Susa, Italy and arrival Lanslebourg in France, or vice versa.

Rendered obsolete by the construction of the Napoleonic road, it has undergone clicca sull'immagine della fotografia raffigurante un tratto dell'antica strada reale per ottenerne l'ingrandimentomany changes and interventions, in part replaced with real streets, for the transit of carts before and the car then, and partly restored as a path.


Here are some simple guidelines:
The section from Susa to Novalesa has been virtually replaced by the road.
In Venaus and Novalesa you can find along the main street of the village.

From Novalesa (825 m.s.l.m.) in Ferrera Cenisio (1450 m.s.l.m.) in part has been replaced by an inter-municipal road, and partly it is possible follow it as a path with very similar characteristics to those of the past.

From Ferrera in Piana di S. Nicolao, you can follow it part in trail and part of gravel road.

From the Plain of S.Nicolao the lake of Mont Cenis, and the eponymous pass, you can make an interesting variation, retracing the already railroad railroad historic Fell; or ascend the Grand Staircase (Napoleonic road) then reaching the lake at 2000 m.s.l.m.


For the section Novalesa Lake of Mont Cenis: The journey takes about 4 hours.

La  Ressia of Novalesa:  is tourist information point, and B&B.
With us you can have the stamp for the credentials that certify the passage from Novalesa





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