The dress Savoiardo

immagine con un disegno a matita del vestito savoiardoThe dress of the party or of the most immagine raffigurante le varianti della cuffia del vestito savoiardoimportant occasions for a woman was the "roba savuierda". Depending on the possibility of the family in which he was part was more or less rich, both as fabric and the richness of folds and trimmings.

It consists of a nearly straight skirt front but, rich in a pleating behind, supported by a padding and with a reinforced edge of a rim of about thirty centimeters to keep the skirt more tense.

The body is close-fitting redingote type, the neckline is embellished with a lace mounted on canvas, the sleeves are leg of lamb with very dense hairline pleats on the shoulders and often the sleeve buttons and those of the bodice are worked almost slotted with floral or geometric patterns.
Above, on the shoulders shawl in different colors (depending on the liturgical color purple or for elderly or brown) stopped with two pins to two fingers from the neckline gown with three folds.
Around the neck a black velvet embellished of a baroque cross or with a series of chains ending by a lighter cross but worked with the two pendants that fall on the shawl.
The clothing is completed by a curled worked silk apron (must be positioned from side to side) and from the belt of the belt: the node needs to be done before.
Socks and strictly black shoes.
At the head of the "Barto", headset made with different fabrics to Brocade machined, surrounded by a black lace pleated in a particular way, linked to the face side (usually the left) by two long silk tapes.

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