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  1. 1
    Spring wall plate 14.5 cm
    SKU: spi011
    Beautiful plaque to hang with the spirit of spring
  2. 2
    Wilfred the original CM25
    SKU: gno049
    Wilfred stood the most classic of the gnomes
  3. 3
    Luis the piper 10 cm
    SKU: gno057
    Luis the player with long horn
  4. 4
    Alpi in Scena
    SKU: lib020
    Detailed and timely collection of all the museums of the Piedmont tradition; There is also a section dedicated to the ethnographic museum of Novalesa
  5. 5
    Altare barocco a Novalesa
    SKU: lib022
    The story of a masterpiece of Baroque Genovese: the altar for the Eucharistic custody in the abbey church of Novalesa; stroria altar and the painting representing the communion of St. Gertrude
  6. 6
    Arte religiosa alpina
    SKU: lib023
    A significant collection of the artistic heritage of the Susa Valley on religious art.
  7. 7
    Affreschi seicenteschi di Mompantero
    SKU: lib027
    A very detailed review of the seventeenth-century frescoes in the area of Mompantero
  8. 8
    La patata di Novalesa
    SKU: lib030
    The "bread of the mountain" the mountain potato history, itineraries and recipes.
  9. 9
    Mobili tradizionali delle Alpi occidentali
    SKU: lib031
    A book illustrated with a photographic collection of the best traditional furniture of the western Alps.
  10. 10
    Wylde Jack the spirit of the forest 39.4 cm
    SKU: spi014
    Plaque to hang with the spirit Wylde Jack, the spirit of the forest
  11. 11
    Candle holder with dragon head 13 cm
    SKU: dra061
    Pretty candle holder with dragon head
  12. 12
    Pixies reading cm 8x7,5x11,5
    SKU: pix488
    Beautiful Pixies reading sitting on a chestnut hedgehog
  13. 13
    Pixies couple with chestnut cm 17,5x14x32
    SKU: pix489
    Adorable pair of Pixies love holding a chestnut
  14. 14
    Wildwood light holder 12 cm
    SKU: spi015
    Useful light holder depicting Wildwood
  15. 15
    Burning incense with Dragon 28 cm
    SKU: dra076
    Useful and fun burning incense with dragon
  16. 16
    Corrina with child 10 cm
    SKU: gno069
    Corrina embraced with baby
  17. 17
    Gnome in the basket 12 cm
    SKU: gno079
    Gnome in the basket
  18. 18
    Gnome standard, 12 cm
    SKU: gno082
    Gnome standard standing
  19. 19
    Pixies couple of arc 12.5 cm
    SKU: pix328
    Couple sitting on an arch
  20. 20
    Bookends with dragon heads 18x11x14 cm
    SKU: dra077
    Profit Bookend with two dragon heads
  21. 21
    Bookends with three pieces of dragon 38x11x17 cm
    SKU: dra078
    Useful and fun bookends made of three pieces and a single continuous dragon
  22. 22
    Wall clock with dragons, 30 cm
    SKU: dra079
    Beautiful wall clock with dragons
  23. 23
    Brings brush toilet 18x15x31 cm
    SKU: dra082
    Likeable bath brush with dragon
  24. 24
    Dragon burning wood 13 cm
    SKU: dra093
    Dragon essential oil burner with saucer Pyrex
  25. 25
    Dragon ashtray 15 cm
    SKU: dra094
    Dragon large ashtray with dragon wrapped
  26. 26
    Clock Dragon 43 cm
    SKU: dra095
    Graceful clock with Dragon hang on the wall
  27. 27
    white dragon light holder 16 cm
    SKU: dra097
    Dragon beautiful white light holder
  28. 28
    Ashtray with 4 Dragons, cm 15x15x9,5
    SKU: dra105
    Useful ashtray with 4 Dragons
  29. 29
    Pixies with mirror 13.5 cm
    SKU: pix556
    Useful and beautiful Pixies with mirror in head
  30. 30
    Knocker with green dragon 23 cm
    SKU: dra010a
    Door knocker with green dragon head
  31. 31
    Knocker with black dragon 23 cm
    SKU: dra010b
    Door knocker with black dragon head
  32. 32
    Lavender dried flowers in organza bag cm 8x10 Gr.10
    SKU: pro007
    Lavender flowers, produced and dried by us in Novalesa in blue organza bag
  33. 33
    natural soap cube of Marseille gr. 300
    SKU: pro009
    Cube of Marseille neutral soap gr. 300
  34. 34
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about
    SKU: pro012
    Soap Marseille roll of 40x15 cm gr.1700 about, very suitable for bathroom decor
  35. 35
    Three of Marseille soap squares with hole to hang 5x5x1 cm
    SKU: pro013
    Three soap squares of Marseille with hole to hang, you can also use the bottom of the bed to eliminate cramps
  36. 36
    Lavender seeds of Novalesa
    SKU: pro035
    Seeds of our Novalesa Lavender
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